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David Skorton at the Beck Center's Park Atrium

About David Skorton

On July 1, 2006, David J. Skorton became Cornell University's 12th president. A cardiologist, computer scientist, national leader in research ethics, and jazz musician, Skorton came to Cornell from the University of Iowa, where he served as president. Skorton holds Cornell faculty appointments in Internal Medicine and Pediatrics at Weill-Cornell Medical College in New York City and in Biomedical Engineering at the College of Engineering on the Ithaca campus.

David Skorton portrait

More about David Skorton

Visit the Office of the President website for a full biography, photos, video, and more about David Skorton.

History of the Cornell Presidency

Andrew D. White portrait

Andrew D. White

1865 – 1885
Biography Inauguration
Charles K. Adams portrait

Charles K. Adams

1885 – 1892
Biography Inauguration
Jacob G. Schurman portrait

Jacob G. Schurman

1892 – 1920
Biography Inauguration
Livingston Farrand portrait

Livingston Farrand

1921 – 1937
Biography Inauguration
Edmund E. Day portrait

Edmund E. Day

1937 – 1949
Biography Inauguration
Deane W. Malott portrait

Deane W. Malott

1951 – 1963
Biography Inauguration
James A. Perkins portrait

James A. Perkins

1963 – 1969
Biography Inauguration
Dale R. Corson portrait

Dale R. Corson

1969 – 1977
Biography Inauguration
Frank H.T. Rhodes portrait

Frank H.T. Rhodes

1977 – 1995
Biography Inauguration
Hunter R. Rawlings portrait

Hunter R. Rawlings III

1995 – 2003
Biography Inauguration
Jeffrey S. Lehman portrait

Jeffrey S. Lehman

2003 – 2005
Biography Inauguration
Historical photo of Andrew Dickson White

More History of the Cornell Presidency

Visit the Office of the President website for biographies of each president, accounts of their inaugurations, and a presidential timeline.

Symbols of the Presidential Office

The Cornell University Charter

The University Charter

As the land-grant university of New York State, Cornell was chartered through an act of the New York State Legislature, signed into law by Gov. Reuben E. Fenton on April 27, 1865.

The Great Seal of Cornell University

The Great Seal of Cornell University

On October 6, 1868, the Cornell University board of trustees adopted the great seal of the university (also known as the presidential seal), creation of which it had originally authorized in November 1866.

The Cornell University Mace

The University Mace and Baton

The Cornell mace and baton are present at events such as commencements and inaugural processions and ceremonies. Both the baton and the mace were designed by Sir Eric Clements in 1962.

The University Baton

More About the Symbols

Visit the Office of the President website for more information regarding the university charter, the great seal, and the university mace and baton.

Photo Gallery

Images from the day's events. Enjoy!


Read remarks by Provost Martin, the faculty address by Professor David Feldshuh, and President Skorton's inaugural address.

Video of the Ceremony

Watch the video of the inauguration of David Skorton.

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Media Packet

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